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Picture the lights dim, with a soft spotlight on the corner of the room. Your guests walk in and see the beautiful event and evening they have in store. Stunning ambient guitar, upright bass, and soft vintage vocals fill the space. The song is somehow familiar, and they suddenly realize it's a song they heard on the radio on the ride over... though not like this.

You can find similar groups, but nothing like the experience Noire Productions create from their years of inventing this unique approach to music arranging. Whether with a vintage or modern sound and styling, they create one of a kind bands, tailor made for situations where the goal is creating a magical moment in an every day situation.


Noire Productions has been hired by companies like Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Universal Orlando Resort, Disney's Yellow Shoes Creative Group, and more, to arrange, produce, and put their unique sound and spin on popular songs; to create a once in a lifetime experience for the guests, and to represent each brand in a unique light. Most notably, in Summer 2018 Nik & Reema travelled to Los Angeles and New York for a press tour with Disney, rearranging classic Disney tunes in their unique style, breathing a new yet timeless life into songs we all already know and love.

From Fortune 500 companies to non-profits and weddings, the band covers a huge variety of music from many decades; always on top of the latest hits, without ever forgetting about the classics. Want a song that isn't on the song list? Noire Productions are happy to create a custom arrangement for you.


Your guests will fall in love, and the night will be filled with magic; and while many details of the evening will be forgotten, how each and every moment felt will last forever.  

"...One of our fav live bands." 

                              - Wedluxe Magazine, March 2017

"...So beautiful to experience." 

                              - Amber M.

Past shows include Paris, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York,

Napa Valley, Dallas, Austin, Orlando, St. Pete, and many more!

Past/present clients include United Nations Mexico City, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Cruise Line, Disney's Yellow Shoes Creative Group, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Universal Orlando Resort, Four Seasons Walt Disney World, Hello! Destination Management, and many more. 

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$2,000,000 liability policy

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